Who am I?

Name: Jenni Karjalainen

Age: 31

Occupation: HR coordinator

City: Vantaa, Kivistö Greater Area


During my life, I have lived in Kajaani, Parola, Joensuu, Lahti and now in Vantaa. So in a sense I’m from nowhere and from all over Finland at the same time. 

I think I would make a great member of the Vantaa city council, because I can analyze things from various perspectives and I feel I do not only represent some particular demographic group or field of study, but rather millennials as a generation. I believe that I can make the world a better place with my actions and my example.


I signed up to be a candidate in the upcoming election, because I want to help as we start building for a future oriented Vantaa that will rise up after we have beaten this Covid-19. We should invest in education, choose to mitigate climate change and act in a way that is responsible and advances social justice. I chose Left Alliance, because they share the values that I consider important: equality, social justice and sustainability. 

My slogan is “Towards a better future: for education, environment and social justice.”

Here are some of the things I consider important:

  • Enough spots in childcare and upper secondary level
  • Reasonable group sizes in all education levels
  • Enough resources to pupil/student welfare
  • Enough contact instruction
  • Better public transportation
  • Better chances for light transport
  • There should be a real chance to get by without a car in metropolitan area
  • We should always take environment into account when we make plans to build and during we build new things
  • Carbon neutral Vantaa 2030
  • Affordable housing 
  • Preventing residential segregation
  • Removing health care center fees
  • Everyone should be able to exercise and express themselves
  • Vantaa should be a responsible employer.

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