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Who am I?

I am a red-green humanist who studies business in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. I specialize in marketing and management and communications. I chose to study marketing, because I love writing, stories and languages and being a writer is definitely a big part of my identity. On the other hand, I find managing and communications fascinating, because after all, I am a humanist, and I like to feel like I am helping people to thrive and find their place. I also have a degree in English and Translation, and I worked as a translator for a while, before I decided to pursue something else and go back to studying. 

I was born in Kajaani, but I lived in Parola for most of my childhood. I have also lived in Joensuu, where I studied English, before I moved to Lahti for work. So in a sense I’m from nowhere and from all over at the same time. 

I think I would make a great member of the Finnish parliament, because I can analyze things from various perspectives and I feel like I do not only represent some particular demographic group or field of study, but rather millennials as a generation. I believe that I can make the world a better place with my actions and my example, and as a member of the Finnish parliament, I could influence the legislation that guides the actions of others – be it individuals or companies.


I signed up to be a candidate in the upcoming election, because I felt that I could no longer stand aside and watch as the ruling parties execute decisions that take from those, who have nothing left to give, make things worse for those, who are already worse off, and drive inequality. I chose Left Alliance, because they share the values that I consider important: equality, social justice and sustainability. Right now, I am deeply worried about the effects of education cuts, the advancing inequality and the insufficiency of the measures taken to mitigate climate change.

My slogan is “With a red-green heart: for education, sustainability and fair working life.”

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